RFID Case Study: Automatic Vehicle Identification


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It was only possible to enter the company premises of Kathrein Solutions GmbH in Stephanskirchen with over 80 parking spaces, using a master key or a remote. To minimize the waiting times for the employees in front of the gate and to decrease the permanent costs of the limited battery life, Kathrein Solutions had implemented an RFID Solution.



The objective was to organize an efficient and employee-friendly entry into the company premises without the need to leave the car or wind down the window.
A weather-resistant, robust system for the outdoor area was an additional requirement. It was necessary to develop and improve the entry for the employees into the site in an uncomplicated way without a lengthy handling.


It was decided to use the latest Kathrein reader generation with the integrated far-range antenna. Having the IP67 protection class, the reader is perfectly suited for an outdoor installation. Due to the integrated Wi-Fi module of the ARU 3560, it is only necessary to connect the reader to the electric power supply. The employees received a passive UHF RFID windshield label for the identification of their vehicles. The reader communicates with the RFID windshield label which is attached to the inner side of the windscreen. When an employee drives up to the gate, the EPC (Electronic Product Code) of the transponder is read and compared to the white list stored in the reader. After the authorization, the gate automatically opens via a GPIO connection. By means of the new LED technology, the access is also optically visualized.


Being a company that offers complete solutions, Kathrein, with its innovative solutions and technological perfection, was able to put this application into practice. This installation makes it possible for the employees to easily and quickly enter and leave the company premises without any waiting period or need to take the hands off the steering wheel. The reliable and secure RFID system made it possible for authorized vehicles to enter the company premises considerably faster and with much greater ease.


Kathrein Solutions GmbH is a German manufacturer of antenna systems and related electronics. They offer AutoID Turnkey Solutions including hardware and software. From the initial proof of concept to the go-live implementation, Kathrein and its integration partners support customers in applications for logistics, industrial automation, healthcare and vehicle identification. From track and trace visualisation to seamless integration of any kind of identification technology - including solutions such as barcode readers, active RFID systems and wide area network technologies.


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