RFID Case Study: Battersea


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Battersea Dogs and Cats is a rehab and adaption organization for stray dogs and cats. They rehome approximately 7,000 animals annually.



Marketing company Ogilvy, a fan of Battersea thought about how technology could be used to bring the plight of homeless animals directly to the public in a memorable way. Battersea liked the idea of Ogilvy and the fact that the ad agency was donating the solution.


Ogilvy suggested a campaign using RAIN RFID. For this ad campaign UK- based RFID consultancy company RFIDiom engineered and delivered the solution and Cisper delivered Intellifi RAIN RFID technology. With RFID readers installed at electronic billboards, and EPC UHF passive RFID tags (RAIN RFID) attached to brochures, the system enables shoppers carrying those brochures to view video footage of a dog that seemed to interact with them as they walked around the Westfield Stratford shopping mall.

The ad campaign worked like this:
For two weeks, shoppers at the Westfield Stratford shopping mall in London were greeted at the entrance by representatives of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and given a brochure if they seemed especially interested in pets. Each brochure had a RAIN FID tag. The shopper was not aware that the brochure had a tag. As the shoppers walked by one of the 7 digital billboards, the Intellifi reader installed near the billboard, captured the ID number on the brochure and antennas generated data to approximate the individual’s location and direction of movement. It then forwarded that data, via a cellular connection, to Intellifi’s hosted server which interpreted the location based data and forwarded that to Ogilvy’s content management software which displayed data that coincided with the position of the brochure, i.e. the shoppers. If the shopper holding the brochure was walking to the left, the dog followed. As they approached the screen, the dog on the video seemed to approach as well (by walking toward the camera filming it). The system also tracked which screens had already been passed, by that individual brochure, being carried by a shopper, and therefore ran other video footage that hadn’t already be seen by the shopper.


During the campaign the traffic to the Battersea website increased with more than 33%. 79% of the click-throughs from the minisite #lookingforyou, which was especially set up by the animal shelter for this campaign, were new to Battersea and there were 10 times more leads then Battersea have dogs.


Ogilvy & Mather is one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world. Through its specialty units, the company provides a comprehensive range of marketing services including: advertising; public relations and public affairs; branding and identity; shopper and retail marketing and healthcare communications.

RFIDiom is a specialist RFID system integration and consultancy firm. They help evaluate, design, develop and implement highly efficient, cost-effective and performance-driven RAIN RFID solutions.

Intellifi is the leading provider of easy and affordable identification and localization services. Intellifi has made identification and localization of people, items and assets as easy as it can be.