Intellifi BLE Micro Spot

The Intellifi micro spot BLE relay is an additional wireless BLE tag reader for use with compatible Smartspot products, such as the Smartspot BLE only. One Smartspot can be extended with up to eight wireless relays.

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Intellifi BLE tag

The Intellifi BLE tag is a battery-powered, iBeacon-compatible active tag that can be tracked using the Intellifi platform.

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Intellifi BlueTitan

Intellifi BlueTitan is a robust BLE tag. It is ultra energy efficient due to smart antenna design. Because it uses the Intellifi NanoBLE send protocol, it saves up to 75% of energy for beaconing. BlueTitans come with a 2D barcode including serial number and MAC address for easy association with existing inventory numbers. The key application is asset tracking whether in Healthcare, Industrial assets or Returnable Transport Items (RTIs). Highlights: • Small and strong. • Durable—long battery life time > 5 or even 10 years. • Unique long range antenna design, enabling read ranges up to >330m / 1000 ft. in free air. • Easy to mount with various mounting options. • Waterproof and dustproof design according to IP67 standard. • Monitoring and locationing system available through Intellifi Smartspot and BRAIN cloud services.

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Intellifi Smartspot BLE only PoE

Intellifi BLE Smartspots enable new localization and sensor applications in a flash. They combine powerful Bluetooth Low Energy technology with web based information service from Brain API. With Intellifi BLE Smartspots, localization and sensor solutions can be realized smarter and faster than ever before. The PnP properties of the Smartspot provide easy installation. Technical features like PoE (Power over Ethernet) simplify deployment and dramatically reduce costs by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation at read points. Extend your network or range with optional wireless BLE microspot antennas.

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