Kathrein RRU 4000 reader family

The Kathrein “RRU 4000” reader family is the next generation RAIN RFID Reader and the industry leading IoT device for all professional AutoID solutions. The new devices feature a high-performance UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, WiFi, 3G mobile interfaces and a powerful and scalable processing unit.

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Kathrein RRU 1400 Reader Unit, ETSI

The Kathrein Solutions RRU1400 Reader allows global companies that rely heavily on performance and reliability to readily implement IoT applications. With a side length of only 17 cm, the reader is extremely easy to integrate! The ultra-compact RAIN RFID Reader lets you implement any IoT project at a breath-taking speed and impresses with its highperformance 30dBm RFID unit and the possibility to operate up to 4 antennas via the integrated FAKRA connectors. These antenna connectors, known from the automotive industry, are incredibly robust and vibration-proof. With just one click of the snap lock, the coded connectors are connected within seconds, which considerably simplifies the installation in large projects and lowers both hardware and infrastructure costs. Developed for cost-efficient, flexible and innovative IoT Solutions The RRU1400 Reader entirely new design enables seamless and secure integration into existing infrastructures, offering dynamic and intelligent ways of achieving large read ranges. With the possibility to connect up to 32 antennas, multiple read points can be operated using only one RFID reader, reducing costs by up to 40%. Ideal for customised Solutions The new RRU1400 is well suited for a wide range of AutoID applications in the industry, intralogistics, production and the healthcare system. Thanks to its innovative connection and functionality concept, the reader meets all requirements regarding cost-effective and flexible digitisation of existing production and logistics processes.

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