RFID battery-free wireless sensor products are invented by Axzon. Patents on this technology are owned by Axzon. Integrity of data is guaranteed and protected by Axzon’s encryption technology.

RFID Sensors from Axzon can be used to wirelessly monitor the temperature and moisture levels of assets. Axzon sensors do not need external power sources making them very useful in many Industry 4.0 and IoT applications.

Axzon’s product portfolio:

Flexible Peel”N”Stick sensors:

These are wireless and battery-free passive RFID sensors designed to measure temperature and moisture in many applications and environments. These sensors can provide a good solution for monitoring the environment of tagged assets. The Axzon Flexible Peel”N”Stick sensors can easily be attached to almost any surface. The sensors are flexible and available in different variants optimized for specific applications including on-metal and non-metal surfaces. With these sensors temperature and moisture levels can be measured.

Rugged Hard Sensor:

The Axzon' rugged hard sensors are passive UHF RFID, wireless temperature sensors designed for industrial applications. Hard sesnors require on-metal mounting and the sensors can be used hostile or harsh environments. Because of the very rugged design these products are perfect to be used on electrical switchgear contact assemblies, cable heads, busbars, power distribution units (PDUs) and other applications where metal surfaces are common.