Beontag is the leading RFID inlay and label manufacturer in south America. Beontag offers high quality products at an attractive price level due to lower manufacturing costs. Sales offices of Beontag and Beontag companies are located across the world. The Beontag HQ is located Sao Paulo, in Europe Beontag has offices in Milan, Italy and Tampere, Finland.

Beontags product portfolio:

Eco tags:

Beontag developed an environmental friendly RFID tag series called ECO Tags. This range of tags helps to create intelligent packaging solution in logistic supply chains, retail and e-commerce applications. The Eco tags are paper-based RAIN RFID tags, providing a plastic-free and recyclable solution for many authentication applications.

Confidex hardtags:

Confidex is part of the Beontag group since 2022. The Confidex range of products is therefore part of the Beontag tag portfolio. With classis products such as the Confidex Ironside series, the Confidex Survivor and the on-metal Confidex Silverline series Beontag offers a very powerful range authentication and identification possibilities.