Confidex, is a company that belongs to the Beontag group of companies. Confidex is one of the pioneers in designing RAIN RFID, NFC and HF-based tags, labels and tickets, as well as Bluetooth Low Energy beacons. Since 2005, Confidex products are used to make supply chains, manufacturing processes, authentication of goods and identifying people more efficient and sustainable.


Confidex’ RAIN RFID tags and labels portfolio:


Ironside tags

The Confidex Ironside family is very suited to be used on metallic returnable transport items and industrial assets. The Ironside tags are tough enough to withstand all weather conditions and rough handling. 


Steelwave tags:

The Confidex Steelwave family can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The Steelwave family offers many attachment methods and the tags in this series have a small footprint.


Silverline labels:

With the Silverline product family Confidex offers a high-performance IP68 flexible on-metal label solution for demanding applications. The Silverline series consist of tags with different dimensions, there is one for almost all applications.


Heatwave tags:

When extreme tag reliability is the top priority, the Confidex Heatwave product series comes to mind. Heatwave tags withstand temperatures of 230°C and higher which make them ideal for use in many industrial applications including automotive paint shop.


Carrier tags:

A product family especially designed for use on plastic returnable transport items (RTI’s) is the Confidex Carrier series. All the products in this family are designed to withstand washing processes without losing their adhesive strength on plastic surfaces.


Cruiser labels:

Confidex Cruiser family is designed for Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) applications. The labels withstand heavy weather conditions and washing processes and are tamper-proof. 


Go labels:

Confidex Go labels are the best choice to realize fast and reliable logistics tracking solutions. The Go labels can be read from all angles, are based on an eco-friendly paper structure and comply to VDA. Challenging retail categories such as tagging sports equipment or beauty and personal care items can be tackled with Go labels.


Viking BLE Beacons:

Confidex designed a range of very durable BLE Beacons. These Confidex Viking Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial beacons can be used to locate of assets and people. Optional sensors are available to capture movement and/or temperature. 

"Cisper has been our distribution partner many years for Europe. Their drive and enthusiasm to help customers with the best possible RFID solution has already led to many satisfied customers. We hope to continue to grow together for many years to come"

Paul Broekhuizen

Executive Vice President Smart Industries - Confidex