HID Global

HID Global has a very good position in the RFID and IoT device sector. They are partnering with some of the largest Systems Integrators, OEMs and end user companies. HID Global’s technology helps to identify, verify and track many assets and people around the world. HID Global is active in vertical markets such as healthcare, logistics, transportation, waste management, education and sport and events.

HID Global has strengthened their market position with recent acquisitions like TSL, InvoTech, Omni-ID, Vizinex RFID and ACURA and have become an important global player in the RFID and Auto-ID market.


HID Global’s product portfolio:


RAIN RFID handheld readers:

Since the acquisition of Technology Solutions UK Ltd., HID Global is able to offer a comprehensive line of high performance mobile UHF RFID handheld devices. The TSL product portfolio ranges from HF handhelds to RAIN RFID handhelds. Products such as the 1128 Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader, the 1153 Bluetooth Wearable UHF RFID Reader and the 2166 Bluetooth Rugged UHF RFID Reader with ePop-Loq are great products that help end-users to accurately collect data on assets.


RAIN RFID tags and labels:

HID Global offers a very diverse and flexible product line of RAIN RFID, HF RFID and NFC tags, transponders and labels. With more than twenty years’ experience in RFID development and manufacturing HID Global is a trusted resource for RFID products. The Omni-ID product range is also part of the HID Global hard tag and label offering.

“Cisper is a great team of RFID professionals with an impressive reach, knowledge and responsiveness”

Fredrik Wähl

Sales Manager - HID Global IDT