Since 2011 Keonn works with RAIN RFID technology to enable system integrators around the globe to provide high-performance solutions to their end-user customers. Keon has a highly experienced team formed by experienced graduated engineers with a deep knowledge in fields like radiofrequency, antennas, electronics, firmware and cloud-based software. With their large partner network of distributors and system integrators Keonn strives to become an important supplier of advanced RFID systems for retail stores and intelligent and smart spaces.


Keonn’s product portfolio:


RAIN RFID readers:

Keonn has developed a portfolio of readers based on the Impinj reader chip technology. Their portfolio ranges from the 1 or 2 –port AdvanReader-10 to the 4-port AdvanReader-160. The AdvanReader-70A with an integrated antenna is one of Keons’s latest reader developments.


RAIN RFID antennas:

The RFID antenna range from Keonn with their ultrathin form factor are well known in the market. Antennas like for example the Advantenna-p11 is a compact RFID UHF Antenna, with a very thin form factor and circular polarization. Antennas like the Advantenna-p11 are therefore suitable for RFID applications such as smart shelves, smart displays, smart panels and smart tables.

Compact antennas like the Advantenna-P14 and the Advantenna-P16 are ideal for RAIN RFID applications such as: loss prevention solutions, portals & tunnels reader solutions, doorways etc.

A high gain antenna like the Advantenna-SP11 is a compact RFID UHF antenna with circular polarization and a wide beam radiation pattern. Its high gain, thin form factor and compact size makes this antenna ideal for use RFID tunnels, smart shelves, smart panels, smart tables, smart surfaces in general.


Multiplexers and splitters:

With the AdvanMux-4, AdvanMux-8 and AdvanMux-16 Keonn offers the possibility to connect more antennas to one antenna reader port. The AdvanMux-8 RFID multiplexer is easy to connect to practically every RFID reader in the market, including readers from Keonn, Impinj, Zebra, Alien, ThingMagic and others.

A splitter like the AdvanSplitter-8 is a high performance eight port power splitter designed for RFID UHF applications. In applications where reading speed is critical and tag location is not determinant this product can be of use. Splitter are also available as 2-port (AdvanSplitter-2) and 4-port (AdvanSplitter-4) devices.



Keonn has several mounting plates also called holders available for their antenna range.

"Cisper is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and agile distributors in the RFID market. We are very pleased to be partnering with them."

Ramir De Porrata-Doria

Owner and CEO - Keonn