RF-Camp designs and manufactures different kind of RAIN RFID and HF tags since 2004 branded "Titan". RF-Camp is specialized in the design and development of tags for use in a wide variety of applications. Besides that, RF-Camp has tags available for harsh and high-temperature environments.


RF-Camp’s product portfolio:


RAIN RFID hard tags:

The extensive range of RF-Camp UHF RFID hard tags covers tags tuned for use in the 902 MHz – 928 MHz and the 865 MHz - 868 MHz frequency bands. The UHF RFID tags range from general use products like the Titantag Basic, Titantag General and Titantag Fastener to special tags such as the Titantag Smallest, Titantag Strip, Titantag Nail and Titantag Secure.


NFC / HF hard tags:

The range of RF-Camp NFC and HF hard tag are all based on the NXP Icode SLI-X chip. All HF tags such as the Titantag Biscuit MT and the Titantag Board MT are suited for global use.

"Since year 2008 we first signed partnership, CISPER has not been just our tag distributor in Europe, but also has given insight and inspiration on how to make tags. I really appreciate such unique experience"

Jerry Ryu

CEO& President - RF Camp