SATO is a provider of auto-ID and RFID solutions used to connect people, assets and data. SATO products serve a diverse range of vertical markets to streamline operations, empower workforces and help customers reduce their environmental impact. Integrating RFID technologies with hardware as solutions, SATO attach identifiers to things and people at the site of business operations and feed data to IT systems for processing.


SATO product portfolio:


RAIN RFID Label printers:

SATO, produces a leading range of rugged and dependable printer, scanner and laser solutions for a wide variety of market sectors

SATO label printers and encoders accurately encode RAIN RFID labels, HF tags and NFC labels. The SATO label printers range from desktop RFID printers to industrial RFID printers and mobile printers. RFID printer encoders reliably handle HF, UHF and NFC labels. Two very versatile SATO product series are the CL4NX and CL6NX printer series.

SATO RFID printer encoders for NFC, UHF and HF  support a variety of applications across many vertical markets. Known for being one of the first adopters of RFID encoding and printer technology, SATO has the right UHF and HF RFID printer solution for almost all use cases.