Sensthys is a designer and manufacturer of RFID system solutions who offers the world's most functionally integrated fixed reader solutions for standalone and networked sensor configurations. SensThys products are designed to be attractive, unobtrusive and easily deployable in a wide range of settings from logistic warehouses to retail spaces. SensThys always keeps full focus on the economics of their solutions and their ease of use. The Sensthys products enable the lowest-cost deployed solutions, while ensuring robust power management and data networking. 


Product portfolio SensThys:


Integrated RAIN RFID Readers:

SensThys offers two different readers with integrated antennas. The SensArray Enterprise and the SensArray Core. The Enterprise reader offers high-performance RFID capability with a build in Ethernet switch and unique security features. The Core reader offers the same RFID reader performance and security as the Enterprise reader, without the Ethernet switching.


RAIN RFID Antennas:

The SensRF-101 antenna series are esthetically pleasing slim profile. Because of its form factor the SensRF-101 RAIN RFID antenna easily blends into office or commercial environments and is robust enough to be used in warehouses and production lines (IP68).

"As a leader in pushing the envelope of RFID sensing and security, we looked for a distribution partner with strong technical acumen and good business execution. Cisper meets those needs, giving our differentiated products a strong launch into Europe"

Neil Mitchell