STid is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial traceability solutions for use in extreme environments. STid helps companies, active in demanding industries, to improve their security and manage their ROI through contactless (RFID, NFC, Bluetooth®) and smart (Internet of Things – IoT, Machine-to-Machine – M2M) identification solutions. STid understands the tough requirements of the aeronautical, energy, defense and other industries.


STid’s product portfolio:


The SPECTRE Industry reader and antenna series:

Specifically designed for use in traceability applications in industrial environments. The SPECTRE Industry (SMI) and Extrem (SME) readers have 4 antenna ports allowing to directly connect 4 antennas.

The SPECTRE Extrem reader has a serial RS232 and an RS485 interface. In addition it also features Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) enabling the reader to directly connect to business applications or middleware. Detection cells, sensors, light columns, flashing lights, remote industrial buzzers, etc. ca be flexibly controlled with the built GPIO.

The SMI and SME products series both use the same RAIN RFID antennas.


Industrial UHF readers with integrated antenna:

STid offers a comprehensive range of industrial RAIN RFID readers with an integrated long range antenna. These readers are suited for industrial tracking applications in harsh environments within, logistics, maintenance and repair, operation management (MRO), container tracking, automation, control and monitoring production.


UHF ATEX & IECEx Industrial readers:

STid offer 2 readers in this ATEX & IECE certified range. The SPECTRE ATX is a fixed UHF reader with integrated antenna. The SPECTRE ATX4 is a fixed multi-antenna UHF reader with the possibility to connect up to 4 external antennas. Both these readers are ATEX & IECEx certified.


UHF ATEX handheld terminals:

The STid ATX Ident-Ex® handheld is an intrinsically safe handheld UHF scanner with ATEX / IECEx zone 1/21 and class I, II, III, division 1 approval. The innovative modular concept provides multiple configuration options with state of the art technology for virtually every application in hazardous and explosive environments.


UHF industrial desktop readers:

STid has designed a RAIN RFID range of desktop readers and encoders for use in smart desktop, counter and encoding applications. The STid ARC UHF desktop reader is designed to simplify and facilitate RFID label and RFID tag enrolment and encoding operations.


Industrial tags and labels:

STid provides a wide range of RFID UHF tags, enabling identification and protection of valuable assets and optimizing industrial processes in any type of environment. Many different tags are available: on-metal tags or labels, flexible RFID labels and special ATEX & IECEx certified tags.