Tageos is one of the market leaders in designing and manufacturing RFID tags and inlays. Tageos offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality, innovative RAIN RFID (UHF), NFC and HF products. Tageos products enable end-customers such as retailers, brand owners and industrial manufacturers to identify, authenticate, track and trace, and complement their product offerings in many applications and markets. Tageos is headquartered in Montpellier, France, with offices, sales, R&D and operations in Germany, USA, Hong Kong and China.

The Tageos products come in many form factors such as dry, wet, and paper-face. Tageos products are unlike other products on the market, that are based on inlays with additional layers and require conversion into paper labels at a later stage in the process. Tageos inlays and tags are ready to be encoded, printed, and attached to the product you want to digitize – whether it be clothing, jewelry, healthcare, logistics, or any other product or asset.


Tageos’ tags and inlay portfolio:


RAIN RFID (UHF) tags and inlays:

Providing a read range of up to 10 meters, RAIN RFID inlays and tags are particularly suitable for “track & trace” applications in many segments. Tageos products are optimized for use in the 860-960 MHz bands, covering all geographical standards and areas to simplify worldwide RFID deployments.


EOS Zero™ tags and inlays:

The EOS Zero product family from Tageos provides a wide range of industry-leading, 100% paper-based, low carbon footprint and easy recyclable RFID inlays and tags. Available as Zero Base, Zero Plus, and Zero Max versions, these innovative and high-quality products enable new levels of sustainability for many applications.

“We have a very good business relationship with Cisper for more than 6 years. Our relationship is personal, professional and strengthens the market position from “both Cisper and Tageos.”

Nicolas Jacquemin

Chief Sales Officer - Tageos