Times-7 is a high-tech company, based in New Zealand, specializing in the design and manufacture of RAIN (UHF) RFID antennas. Founded in 2006, Times-7 has developed the largest portfolio of fixed RAIN RFID reader antennas, as well as a large portfolio of standard antennas for many applications. Times-7 also offer a custom antenna development service.

Times-7 Antenna portfolio:

Near Field antennas:

Times-7 has developed a line of true near field UHF RFID antennas designed for when short read ranges are required. The Times-7 Near Field UHF antennas are available in various form factors. True Near Field antennas are ideal when strictly confined reading over a sharply defined area is needed.


Slimline Multi-Purpose Antennas:

The Times-7 SlimLine Multi-Purpose RFID Antennas fit applications ranging from airport item tracking to real time inventory smart shelves. This ultra-low profile UHF RFID antenna series can be flush mounted, require minimum space and look good in customer facing environments. Most popular antennas from the multi-purpose range are the A5020 antenna family, the A5010 antenna and the A5060 antenna.


Slimline Ground Antennas:

The Times-7 UHF RFID ground antennas are designed for tracking people or assets when passing through doors and entrance/exit ways, portals and at race timing events. Ground antennas are perfect for applications where side antennas cannot be used.


SlimLine Shelving & Cabinet UHF RFID antennas:

The Times-7 Slimline Cabinet & Shelving UHF RFID antennas are easily installed and perfect for smart cabinet systems or smart shelve systems. They provide real-time asset and product identification and are suitable for retail item level tracking, tool tracking, real-time asset & inventory management.