Technology Solutions (TSL), part of HID Global, is a manufacturer of mobile RFID readers. TSL handheld readers are used in many applications to identify and track products, assets, data or personnel.

For more than 20 years, TSL has delivered innovative data capture solutions to companies around the world through a network system integrator partners. All TSL mobile RAIN RFID handheld readers are designed in-house including the electronics, firmware, application development tools, the RF design and the injection mold tooling.


TSL’s product portfolio


TSL handheld RAIN RFID readers:

TSL has developed an extensive range of hand held readers with different form factors. All handheld RFID readers have Bluetooth connectivity to easily connect to the smart devices of your choice. TSL provides a very powerful handheld reader with a Linear antenna called the 2128L. The 1166 and 2166 are the most rugged handheld readers in the TSL portfolio. The two most popular and widely used TSL handheld RAIN RFID readers are the 1128, 2128 and the 2128P


Device Mounts – ePop-Loq accessories:

ePop-Loq mounts are an innovative solution from Technology Solutions Ltd.  The ePop-Loq mounts allow handheld terminals to be physically mounted on top of compatible TSL UHF RFID handheld readers. This solution provides a one-piece UHF RFID Scanning Solution with all the benefits of your preferred mobile platform.

Important advantages ePop-Loq® mounting system:

  • Simultaneous charging of both UHF handheld reader and Host Device
  • Enables secure USB data connections


Standard product accessories:

TSL provides docking stations (docking cradles) that provide a quick and convenient method to both charge the reader and synchronize data through its USB port. Your customers can keep their batteries fully charged using the TSL battery charger kits.