Confidex Viking Quuppa

Confidex Viking Quuppa is supporting Quuppa’s advanced location system utilizing Bluetooth technology and the angle-of-arrival (AoA) methodology, and it works seamless with Quuppa developed Locators. The combination of Confidex Viking tags and the Quuppa Intelligent Locating System creates a reliable, versatile, customizable, fully scalable and cost-effective real-time location system (RTLS) for all industrial challenges. Confidex Viking Quuppa passed all testing and is Quuppa Approved.

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Confidex Viking Classic

Confidex Viking Classic beacons track the location of assets and people, and sense the surrounding environment. Confidex designed the Viking product line to be a modular beacon family that raises the bar for industrial asset tracking, indoor, outdoor locating and sensor telemetry applications.

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Confidex Viking Tough

The Confidex Viking Tough is a reliable extra durable industrial beacon for identifying, sensing and locating applications. The Viking Tough is designed for applications where extended vibration and mechanical impact might impair other beacons.

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