Cisper offers insights into the world of Impinj RAIN RFID technology, a key player in the evolution of inventory management, asset tracking, and unique item identification. Since 2000, Impinj, headquartered in Seattle, has been at the forefront of RAIN RFID technology, thanks to the pioneering efforts of founders Mr. Carver Mead and Mr. Chris Diorio.

Understanding Impinj's RAIN RFID Technology:

Impinj stands at the forefront of RAIN RFID technology, transforming physical items into connected devices that communicate with cloud-based systems. This technology not only streamlines operations but also significantly increases business profitability and brings simplicity and convenience to our daily lives.

Discover Impinj's Diverse Product Range on Cisper:

RFID Readers and Accessories:

Impinj offers a variety of RFID readers and accessories. Experience the versatility of the Impinj R700 readers, the high-efficiency of the Speedway series, and the innovation of Impinj Gateways like the xSpan and xArray

RFID Reader Chips:

The company's reader chips, including the advanced E300, E500, E700 and E900 series, are integrated into various products for seamless UHF reader/writer capabilities. Discover the Power of Impinj Reader Chips.

RFID Tag Chips:

Explore Impinj’s range of 'endpoint ICs', the core of numerous UHF RFID tags and labels. From the Impinj M700 series to the robust Monza R6 and the versatile Monza 4 and X-8K series, find the perfect fit for your tagging needs.

Cisper offers a wide selection of Impinj products, including:

  • The innovative e710, m700, m730, and m750 tag chips
  • The reliable Monza R6 tag chips
  • The industry-leading R420 reader
  • The advanced R700 reader for next-gen applications
  • The versatile xArray and xSpan gateways

Discover how RAIN RFID can transform your business and simplify your life. Contact us for more information or advice.

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