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RFID Readers

Here you will find a wide range of UHF RFID readers. With a wide variety like fixed readers, readers with integrated antennas, desktop readers, reader software and much more.

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RFID Handhelds

We offer different types of mobile RFID handheld reader devices such as RFID handhelds and Bluetooth RFID handhelds.

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RFID Antennas

Find the right antenna to pair with our range of RFID Readers. We have a wide range antennas like Far-Field antennas, Near-Field antennas and Race Timing antennas.

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RFID Hard Tags

Here you will find a wide range of Hard Tags. We offer HF/NFC, UHF and Active Hard Tags.

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RFID Labels

We have a wide range of HF and UHF RFID labels. The labels in our portfolio are ideal to suit applications like: automotive, manufacturing, jewelry, healthcare, cosmetics, logistics, supply chain apllications and more.

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BLE Beacons & Wireless IoT

Cisper offers different reliable hardware to track the location of assets and people, and sense the surrounding environment.

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RFID Label Printers

Find the right RFID printer to encode and print flexible UHF RFID labels.

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Smart Facility Sensors

Cisper offers different smart facility sensors to measure occupancy, temperature, sound, CO2, humidity, light, TVOCs and asset movement.

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IoT Routers & Switches

oT solutions applied in markets such as; Retail & Vending, Industry 4.0, Healthcare and Smart Cities heavily rely on stable and reliable connections to the outside world.

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RTLS can be used in many industries. Real-Time Location Systems can detect the location of people, machines, containers, materials and other objects in real time.

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19 January 2019 / News

The Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family

The Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family is the next generation of ...

27 November 2018 / News

NORDIC ID EXA51e – a powerful UHF RFID reader compatible with your smart device

Use your own smart device in combination with the Nordic ID EXA51e for...

6 November 2018 / News

Confidex Captura Flash: a fast‐to‐attach tamper‐proof seal tag

Confidex Captura Flash presents unprecedented level in both RAIN RFID ...

30 October 2018 / News

Kathrein launches the ARU 2400: a RAIN RFID reader with an Innovative Connection Concept

With its slim, smart design, durability and functionality, the reader ...

1 October 2018 / News

Cisper celebrates its 35th anniversary

Almere, 1 October 2018 The year 2018 marks our 35 year anniversary ...

17 July 2018 / News

Tageos released the new version of its EOS-241 RFID tag based on NXP’s Ucode 8 IC

The new EOS-241 U8, designed for tagging apparel and small items, offe...

6 March 2018 / News

Nordic ID appoints Cisper as its authorized preferred distributor in Europe

Nordic ID, a manufacturer and supplier of state-of-the-art RFID, barco...

12 February 2018 / News

New: Kathrein’s WRA 6060 Antennas suitable for industrial applications

The WRA 6060 antenna has been developed for applications in the area o...

16 January 2018 / News

Confidex RFID & NFC Sample Box is now available

“Reliable Data built on Reliable Links – Confidex designs and manufact...

20 November 2017 / News

Impinj Speedway Readers available and in stock at Cisper

The Impinj Speedway Revolution readers are enterprise-class fixed ...

19 October 2017 / News

Nordic ID launches the AR85: a new, innovative Smart UHF RFID reader

Nordic ID AR85 fixed area reader brings powerful, automated UHF RFID p...

11 September 2017 / News

Meet the A5020: A circular polarized UHF antenna from Times-7

Times-7 expands their SlimLine range of antennas with the The SlimLine...