RFID Handhelds

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RFID Handhelds

RAIN RFID handheld readers make tracking and managing assets easy and efficient, offering a mix of accuracy and convenience. Our selection of handheld readers are designed to meet the specific needs of different industries, improving your ability to keep track of everything with ease.

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 In today's fast-paced business world, it's important to track and manage your assets effectively. Handheld RFID readers, also known as RFID scanners, can help you do this by combining accuracy and portability using RAIN RFID technology. These devices are essential for companies that want to improve their tracking systems and operational processes. 

We offer a wide range of RFID handheld devices to meet your specific business needs. Our selection includes standalone units, devices that combine RFID and barcode scanning capabilities, and others that wirelessly connect to smartphones. This ensures you find the perfect handheld reader for your application.

CAEN RFID has developed a Bluetooth RFID reader called the skID, a product with an integrated antenna for medium range applications that is ideal for use in industries like healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.
Nordic ID's (Brady) range of UHF handheld RFID readers is also available from Cisper. For example the lightweight and Bluetooth-equipped EXA21, the powerful EXA51e with customizable antennas, the user-friendly EXA31, and the durable HH83 and HH85 models, which include smartphone integration, are suitable for a variety of operating conditions.

For demanding environments, the TSL 1166 handheld RFID reader provides high-performance UHF RFID reading and writing. It is compatible with various host devices and can be enhanced with barcode engines for extended 2D data capture. It can reach up to 15 meters.


To complete your RFID setup, Cisper offers a comprehensive selection of accessories that support and extend the functionality of your RFID handheld reader. Our offerings include battery chargers, replacement batteries, silicone sleeves, and much more, ensuring that your RFID equipment is always ready for use.

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