Wiliot was founded a group of engineers who have experience in developing and introducing new wireless products and solutions. Wiliot has their HQ in Israel, and have offices in the USA, Portugal, Ukraine, Australia, and Taiwan.

The Wiliot motto is to make sense of the world by creating a new level of real-time awareness for every single thing. The technology boost that Wiliot gives to the IoT market will transform manufacturing, distribution and the use of products.

Williot’s portfolio:

Wiliot Cloud:

In the Wiliot Cloud, raw sensory data is transferred into full insights on assets. This offers many opportunities for application development, using machine learning-based algorithms that learn and adapt over time. The Wiliot IoT Pixels produce the low-level, raw sensory data, the actual sensing and analysis are performed in the Wiliot Cloud.

Wiliot Pixels:

Wiliot Pixels empower products, objects, ‘things’, to sense and to fix inefficiencies and problems it encounters. Wiliot IoT Pixels connect things to the Internet seamlessly, leveraging a ubiquitous ecosystem of Bluetooth-enabled devices like smartphones and access points.

The Wiliot Solution:

The Wiliot Cloud and their IoT Pixels offer “brains” and “self-awareness” that can tell you where your things are, who is using them, the temperature around them, when they need replenishing, and many more insights. Combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence in the cloud, The Wiliot Platform delivers sensing functionalities like temperature and location.

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