UHF Reader Modules & Chips

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UHF Reader Modules & Chips

Discover the ease of integrating RAIN RFID technology into your devices with our range of high-performance RFID chips and versatile RFID reader modules, designed for seamless operation and efficient power consumption in a variety of smart applications.

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Integrating RAIN RFID technology into your devices becomes easier with high-performance RFID chips and RFID reader modules. Whether you're looking to develop an RFID tag reader for inventory management or an RFID chip reader for secure access control, we've got the components you need.

Our range includes high-performance RFID chips from Impinj and versatile RFID reader modules from CAEN RFID, TSL and MetraTec. These products are designed to work seamlessly with Impinj technology, offering a compact size, reduced power consumption, and easy integration—ideal for a wide array of smart applications.


Take a look at the wide variety of options available within the Impinj E-Series reader chips, which includes the E310, E510, E710 and E910 reader chips, to discover the ideal match for your unique requirements. These chips are developed for easy integration into your products, ensuring they are smaller, more power-efficient, and ready to meet the demands of today's smart devices.

CAEN RFID's Lepton series modules are specifically designed to bring RAIN RFID capabilities to your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These modules can be easily integrated into handhelds, PDAs, label printers, desktop readers, kiosks, and even advanced setups like industrial readers, intelligent shelving systems, and automated retail vending machines.

Choosing CAEN RFID's reader modules means opting for top-tier RAIN RFID connectivity for your IoT products.

TSL specializes in high-performance, energy-efficient UHF RFID reader modules, ideal for seamless integration into OEM applications like mobile devices and fixed readers. Their modules, including the TSL 3117, 3417 and 3419, feature advanced Impinj chips and achieve high read rates.

Metratec's RFID modules offer compact, high-performance UHF RFID solutions with easy integration, global compatibility, and cost efficiency, outperforming NFC in range.

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