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Confidex LINKS

Confidex Links are affordable stickers – or anything from printed cards, stickers to posters – which can be practically placed anywhere, or be used embedded in packages or even in the product itself. Confidex Links connects simply any online content to any physical product. Easy sharing of content such as product manuals, videos, apps, mobile games or web sites are some of today’s applications for leveraging the touch of NFC.

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Confidex Links NFC L NTAG213

The Confidex Links L for non-metal surfaces is a high quality NFC Sticker on reel format with various IC options.

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Confidex Links NFC On-metal NTAG213

Next to the Confidex Links NFC stickers, Confidex has introduced an on-metal label: the Confidex Links NFC On‐metal. This is a modular NFC on‐metal label for high volume applications to any surface material. The standard version has enough memory (144 bytes) for most of the NFC use cases. In case more is needed, product can be customized with higher memory IC.

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