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Confidex LINKS NTAG213

Confidex Links are affordable stickers – or anything from printed cards, stickers to posters – which can be practically placed anywhere, or be used embedded in packages or even in the product itself. Confidex Links connects simply any online content to any physical product. Easy sharing of content such as product manuals, videos, apps, mobile games or web sites are some of today’s applications for leveraging the touch of NFC.

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Confidex Links NFC L NTAG213

The Confidex Links L for non-metal surfaces is a high quality NFC Sticker on reel format with various IC options.

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Confidex Steelwave HF 25x25mm SLIX2

Confidex Steelwave HF 25x25mm is a flexible NFC and HF RFID label option for metallic assets. With its industrial grade materials Steelwave HF is a reliable solution for more harsh manufacturing environment. Steelwave HF is currently available with ISO 15693 compliant NXP ICODE SLIX2 and ISO 14443A compliant NXP NTAG213 chip

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CCRR RFID Bobbin Paper Tag NTAG213

NFC label optimized for consumer products. CCRR RFID’s Bobbin NTAG213 is a NFC product designed for consumer products, print media and industrial applications. Bobbin labels are optimized for the requirements of packaging converting factories, and the roll and packaging sizes enable cost efficient and automated application into packaging. The Bobbin NFC label is available in Paper Tag and Wet Inlay with NTAG213.

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Confidex Carrier HF

Confidex Carrier HF 25x25mm is a printer compliant NFC and HF RFID label for washable returnable transport items. Carrier HF is using the industrial grade materials proven with millions of plastic RTIs tagged with Carrier products. Carrier HF is available with NXP NTAG213 and NXP SLIX2 to offer a solution for both ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 applications.

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HID On Metal PET Round/Square

HID Global on-metal Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive NFC or RAIN UHF tags for on-metal use. These white PET labels are only 1.2 mm thin and may be encoded and printed in standard label printers to apply logos, bar-codes, QR codes or text. Their flexible special shielding allows application on flat or curved metallic objects like liquid containers, laptops, pipes or machinery. The On Metal labels are NFC Tag Type 2 compliant and may be used with any NFC compatible phone or device.

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