RFID Hard Tags

Choose from a carefully selected range of best in class products.

RFID Hard Tags

Unleash powerful asset tracking solutions with our diverse range of RAIN RFID hard tags, designed for every business need. From UHF and HF/NFC options to robust specialty tags, discover the perfect fit for your project – even on metal or in harsh environments.

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As the RAIN RFID distributor in EMEA, we provide a comprehensive selection of RFID hard tags tailored to suit every business need. Our product range can be divided into UHF hard tags, HF/NFC hard tags and tag chips.

Understanding RFID Tags

An RFID tag is essentially made up of two key components: an RFID chip and an antenna. The majority of our RAIN RFID tags are passive, which means they operate without a battery. These tags receive energy from the radio waves sent by an RFID reader, which is connected to an antenna, enabling them to transmit information back to the reader. Other names people use to describe an RFID tag are: RFID transponder, RFID sensor and RFID tracker.

Versatile Tag Options for Diverse Needs

Our portfolio UHF RFID hard tags, also known as RAIN RFID hard tags, are versatile tools designed for a variety of applications. Whether you need to track assets on metal surfaces, withstand high temperatures, or embed small tags within tools or other items, we have the right hard tag for you. We carry UHF hard tags from leading manufacturers such as Confidex, RFCamp, Xerafy, Perfect ID and HID, including specialty tags like seal tags and those for monitoring temperature-sensitive items.

NFC Tags for Robust Asset Management

For applications that demand durability through harsh weather and rough treatment, our HF/NFC hard tags from Confidex and HID are ideal. Operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz, these tags are perfect for a range of asset management tasks.

Selecting the right RFID hard tag

Selecting the perfect RFID hard tag for your application involves considering various factors like the necessary reading range, the material of the item you're tagging, size constraints, and the specific use case.

If you need guidance, our whitepaper 'How to choose the right RFID tag or label for your project' is available for you to understand your options better. Don't hesitate to reach out to our specialists for one-on-one assistance.

Do you need help choosing the right RAIN RFID hard tag for your project? We are happy to help! Please contact one of our experts.