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10 November 2022 / News

Confidex launches new tag upgrades with latest Impinj RAIN tag

Confidex has expanded its portfolio of RAIN RFID tag products to meet ...

7 November 2022 / News

SensThys launches PhySens; a sensor visualization tool

This newly developed software allows real-time graphical view of batte...

21 October 2022 / News

Teltonika is ready for the future with its new 5G devices

The first 5G devices developed by Teltonika Networks are the RUTX50 ro...

12 September 2022 / News

Something new and exiting is happening to Cisper

Thanks to years of experience, Cisper knows the data collection market...

1 September 2022 / News

New Lepton modules from Caen

CAEN RFID unveils 4 new RAIN RFID reader modules: Lepton3x1, Lepton3x4...

21 July 2022 / News

Railroad Tracking & Monitoring with RFID

Optimized train management is becoming increasingly important. Kathrei...

14 July 2022 / News

Confidex’s Carrier Dual Delivers Shared RAIN RFID and NFC Memory

Confidex announces with the Carrier Dual a dual-frequency product for ...

14 July 2022 / News

Impinj E910: The RFID reader chip for next-generation Enterprise IoT

The new Impinj E910 RAIN RFID reader chip expands the capabilities of ...

7 June 2022 / News

Sensthys improves carbon footprint with sustainability in shipping

It is encouraging to see large companies announcing increasingly ambit...

21 April 2022 / News

The new era of modular fixed RFID readers

Nordic ID FR22 IoT Edge Gateway LTE With the FR22, Nordic ID is lau...

24 March 2022 / News

Axzon and Cisper Electronics sign distribution contract

Cisper established a partnership with Axzon, world leader in RFID batt...

17 February 2022 / News

The skID converts your mobile device into a RFID reader

The skID is a portable reader with integrated antenna for medium range...

"I’ve worked with Cisper for many years now. They’ve always worked in a professional and timely manner and are highly respected in the RFID world, always there to support and deliver on their promises. They’re the "go to" distributor for all things RFID"

Adam Sharp

Director, Business Development - Xerafy


In our white papers we discuss different ways to approach the selection of the correct RFID hardware for your project.

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Selecting the right RFID antenna for your project

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Selecting the right RFID handheld reader for your project

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How to choose the right RFID tag or label for your project?

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Unboxing the Impinj R700 RAIN RFID reader

In this unboxing movie you will see all the highlights, connections and more about the R700 in only 3 minutes.

Learn all about the Confidex Ironside Family

In this video, we are showing you the Ironside Family from Confidex, which are robust UHF RFID hard tags. The Confidex Ironside Family consist of 4 different UHF hard tags in several sizes and shapes for different types of industrial applications.

Learn all about the Confidex Viking beacons

Confidex Viking Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) Industrial beacons are used to track the location of assets and people, with optional sensors for capturing environmental data. Learn all about the specifications of the beacons in this video.

Unboxing the Times-7 A5010 Circular Polarized Antenna

In this video, we are showing you the A5010 from Times-7. A circular polarized antenna . Learn all about the special features and specifications in only 3 minutes.

Kathrein RRU 1400 RAIN RFID reader

Learn all about the The Kathrein RRU 1400. A small basic RAIN RFID reader with high performance for indoor applications such as in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain and for access control.

Who is Cisper?

In this animated company movie we tell you who we are and what we can do for you.

How to choose the right RFID tag or label for your project?

In the world of RFID there are a thousand different tags and labels. But which one is best for your project? This animation movie helps you choose the best RFID tag for your project in 5 steps.

Selecting the right RAIN RFID antenna for your project

Selecting a suitable RAIN RFID antenna for your project, can be very complex. In our new animation video we discuss different ways to approach the selection of the correct antenna for your project.

Unboxing the Kathrein RRU 4500 Reader Unit

In this video we unbox the Kathrein RRU 4500 Reader Unit. We tell you all about the highlights, connections and applications.

Unboxing the Impinj Speedway R420 RAIN RFID reader

In this video we are going to unbox the Impinj Speedway R420 reader and tell you all about it. From the available connections to the highlights of the product and the best applications.

Unboxing the Nordic ID HH85 Handheld Reader

In this video we are going to unbox the Nordic ID HH85 and tell you about the highlights and advantages and what you get when you order the device.



The CAEN skID can transform any smartphone in a cool and efficient data collection terminal for inventory counts. But it can also be attached to a rugged tablet to obtain a robust RFID terminal.

Learn all about the Times 7 A5020 family

In this video we show you the A5020 family from Times-7. Learn all about the 4 different models and the individual specs and options.

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