BLE Beacons & Wireless IoT

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BLE Beacons & Wireless IoT

IoT solutions applied in markets such as: retail & vending, industry 4.0, healthcare and smart cities are highly dependent on stable and reliable connections to the outside world. Cisper offers a range of high-end and State-of-the-Art IoT connectivity products that provide such stable and reliable connectivity.

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At Cisper, we offer more than just passive UHF RFID products. Our catalog includes innovative active RFID solutions utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, known for its robust and reliable communication capabilities. Our range features products from industry leaders like Confidex, who have developed durable BLE beacons. And Energous, who develops wireless charging technologies for electronic devices.

One notable product is the Confidex Viking Classic, an industrial-grade beacon perfect for tracking assets and personnel, as well as monitoring environmental conditions.

Additionally, from Energous we provide cutting-edge options like the Williot Starter Kit and Williot Enablement Kit. These kits showcase the advanced Williot BLE pixels, which are remarkable for their energy-harvesting technology.

Explore our comprehensive range of BLE Beacons on our website. If you require assistance in choosing the most suitable BLE Beacon for your needs, don't hesitate to reach out to us.