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Kathrein Solutions provide UHF RFID hardware and RTLS products to realize logistics, industrial automation, retail, and vehicle identification applications. Kathrein Solutions is committed to work with integration partners to realize challenging end-user solutions.

1919 is the year that Kathrein was founded in Rosenheim, Germany. System integrators that chose Kathrein products can support their end-user customers from the initial proof of concept to the implementation. Besides providing products on request Kathrein is also very capable of providing on-site support with pilots, tests and roll-outs. Kathrein is a specialist in seamless integration of different identification technologies including barcode, active RFID and wide area network technologies.


Kathrein RAIN RFID product portfolio:


RFID readers:

In general Kathrein offers a wide range of UHF RFID readers ideal for industrial tracking & tracing applications. Kathrein is a specialist in realizing logistics material flow solutions and smart city solutions such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions. Kathrein’s RAIN RFID reader families contain the ARU 2400, the ARU 3000, the RRU 1400, the RRU 4000 and the ARU 8500 series. All of these readers come with their own unique features.


RFID antennas:

The Kathrein RAIN RFID antennas are designed for different reading ranges like low-range (LORA), mid-range (MIRA) and wide-range (WIRA). With the unique KRAI concept (Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface) Kathrein enables different antenna features dynamically, such as switching polarization and antenna cascading.

Kathrein RFID antenna overview:

  • WRA 3070 antenna
  • WRA 7070 antenna
  • WRA 6060 antenna
  • SmartShelf antenna (SMSH antenna)
  • MIRA-100 antenna (Mid-range antenna)
  • LORA antenna (Low Range antenna)


Kathrein offers a wide range of high-performance transponders for automated vehicle identification and industrial applications. Examples are the Kathrein windshield label, an RFID headlamp tag and some universal multi surface transponders.

„Reliable, fast and great personalities. CISPER makes the life of our common Partner-Network quite easy distributing Kathreins RFID and RTLS Hardware Europewide. During the past years a strong bond established between our companies. "

Bobby Radosavljevic

Sales Manager Distribution Channel - Kathrein