Since 1919, Kathrein Solutions has been at the forefront of communication technology, with a foundation built in Rosenheim, Germany. Specializing in UHF RFID hardware and RTLS products, Kathrein Solutions facilitates the evolution of logistics, industrial automation, retail management, and vehicle identification applications.

Explore Kathrein's RAIN RFID product portfolio:

RFID Readers:

Kathrein offers an extensive selection of UHF RFID readers designed for precision in industrial tracking and tracing applications. Kathrein's RAIN RFID reader series, including the ARU 2400, ARU 3000, ARU 7700, RRU 1400, RRU 4000, RRU 7700 and ARU 8500, are each equipped with distinctive features to meet the demands of logistics material flow and smart city solutions. Such as intelligent parking or car sharing solutions.

RFID Antennas:

With Kathrein's advanced RAIN RFID antennas, you can choose from a variety of reading ranges like low-range (LORA), mid-range (MIRA) and wide-range (WIRA).

The KRAI (Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface) technology allows for dynamic feature customization, including switching polarization and antenna cascading.

Cisper offers a wide selection of Kathrein antennas including:


Kathrein's portfolio of high-performance transponders is ideal for automated vehicle identification and industrial applications, featuring versatile options like the Kathrein windshield label and multi-surface transponders.

Contact us to learn which Kathrein RFID reader or antenna fits your project.

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„Reliable, fast and great personalities. CISPER makes the life of our common Partner-Network quite easy distributing Kathreins RFID and RTLS Hardware Europewide. During the past years a strong bond established between our companies. "

Bobby Radosavljevic

Sales Manager Distribution Channel - Kathrein