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Cisper is your source for RAIN RFID that provides you valuable insights and more. On our website you can find everything about automatic data collection. Trends and innovations are shared here, you can obtain expert advice and easily order the right products.

Cisper supplies RAIN RFID products to system integrators, solutions providers, independent software vendors and OEMs. RFID readers, antennas and tags are used to build RFID systems that improve processes in a wide range of applications and markets. RAIN RFID technology is a state-of-the-art answer for tracking and tracing ‘things’ such as retail merchandise, containers, pallets, hospital equipment, tools and even athletes without line-of-sight.

RFID solutions and RFID applications are used to automatically identify objects in many different markets. RFID tracking can be achieved by RFID tracking systems consisting of RFID chip readers, RFID antennas and RFID tags.

Cisper's complete portfolio includes RAIN RFID hardware, RFID tags and labels and reader chips and modules. If you have any questions or need advice please contact one of our experts.



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"We don't only rely on CISPER but really enjoy working with all the component of the team, they are expert on the technology and committed to the job. We know customers are in good hands if CISPER is supporting them, sometimes even better then we could"

Stefano Coluccini

General Manager - CAEN RFID



Cisper was founded in 1983 as a Distribution company for electromechanical- and inductive components. In 2008 Leon de Ridder and his business partner Arthur Fioole bought Cisper. As a distribution company for electromechanical and inductive components, Cisper was a known brand. De Ridder and Fioole started adding UHF RFID hardware to the product portfolio, beginning with UHF RFID products from Impinj.


Over the course of years the product portfolio extended by adding products of more best in class vendors, that way Cisper is turned into the leading European Distributor of Auto-ID and automatic data capture products that it is today.

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