Metratec, located in Magdeburg, Germany, is at the forefront of digital technology solutions, aiming to enhance business operations and simplify daily tasks. Specializing in innovative technology, Metratec is passionate about creating straightforward and effective solutions. The company acts as a dynamic advisor, challenging conventional methods to deliver superior outcomes.

Unlock the potential of industrial IoT for your company with Metratec's wireless identification and tracking solutions. Utilizing RFID and RTLS technologies, Metratec offers a range of products designed to streamline your operations and improve efficiency.


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RFID Reader:

Metratec DeskID UHF v2: The DeskID UHF v2 is a compact RFID reader/writer, offering an easy-to-use solution for reading and writing EPC Gen 2 transponders via PC or laptop, with a read range of 10 to 80 cm and the capability to handle up to 50 transponders simultaneously.


Reader Modules:

Metratec DwarfG2 v2 UHF Embedded Module: The DwarfG2, featuring the Impinj E310 IC, enhances RFID modules with high performance, no heat development, and up to 1.5 m reading range, making UHF RFID integration into embedded devices straightforward and globally applicable with its wide operating frequency.

Metratec DwarfG2-Mini v2 UHF RFID OEM Module: The Metratec DwarfG2-Mini, one of the smallest and most cost-effective UHF RFID modules, offers impressive performance with up to 50 cm reading range and global compatibility, simplifying UHF RFID integration into various applications including those traditionally dominated by HF readers.

Metratec QRG2 UHF RFID Embedded Module (ETSI): The QRG2 is an integrated UHF RFID module that combines reader and antenna in one, offering an easy, cost-effective way to add contactless identification with superior reading distance and minimal power consumption, supporting modern UHF transponders and advanced features.


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