Ergosense AIRLAB

The AIRLAB measures the air quality in a room and detects pollution levels that can be a warning of dangerous indoor air quality conditions. The AIRLAB monitors and reports six environmental and air quality parameters such as; fine dust / (particulate matter) (PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5, PM 1.0), temperature, CO2 level, humidity, amount of TVOCs and noise level. AIRLAB No one would have predicted just over a year ago what significant role Covid-19 would play in the entire world. At the time, nobody could foresee what the influence would be on our way of working, living, going to school, playing and exercising. Worldwide offices are vacant and CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs face serious challenges. One of the most important issues is how and when people can return to the office in a healthy and safe way. This challenge is not only limited to companies and organizations, but also extends to associations, schools, hotels and universities. Important questions are: ⦁ How can we ensure that the environment is as safe as possible? ⦁ How can we start to feel safe again in our living, working and school environment? Obviously, part of the answer lies in keeping your distance from each other properly (social distancing) and in taking protocols regarding washing hands and wearing face masks seriously. Unfortunately, those things are not enough. In order to guarantee a safe and healthy indoor climate, it is important to continuously measure the air quality. Much research has been done in recent years on pathogens in general, but more specifically targeted research has also been done to understand how viruses and bacteria spread. Studies were carried out in 2020 that showed under which conditions ideal for the virus to survive and spread the Coronavirus. The AIRLAB sensor recently introduced by Ergosense has been specially developed to detect air quality and air pollution at the level of the size of virus particles. The AIRLAB sensor completes the ERGOSENSE sensor series and uses the same secure communication technology and the same reporting platform as the other sensors. Despite the AIRLAB being an advanced sensor, it is a true “plug-and-play” and “all-in-one” device that warns you of dangerous situations in your indoor climate.

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Ergosense Doc: Environmental sensor

The Doc is a unit that measures Sound, Temperature, Light, Humidity, TVOCs, CO2. The unit needs to permanently powered by 5V power supply. This unit is also the gateway that collects all the data from other mesh network nodes, and sends it via a 3G connection to our AWS cloud server. The Doc is the collector and carrier of data, but does not store any of it. Humidity Levels High humidity levels encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. Detect irregularities in your humidity levels and eliminate the risk of micro-organism development. Sound Levels High levels of noise distract employees and reduce productivity. Identifying high noise areas in your building can help you decide where to implement noise reduction measures. Temperatures Areas that are too hot or too cold can lead to discomfort for employees. Knowing where the temperature is an issue can help you address this discomfort, leading to improved happiness in employees and improved productivity.

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