Ergosense Doc: Environmental sensor

The Doc is a unit that measures Sound, Temperature, Light, Humidity, TVOCs, CO2. The unit needs to permanently powered by 5V power supply. This unit is also the gateway that collects all the data from other mesh network nodes, and sends it via a 3G connection to our AWS cloud server. The Doc is the collector and carrier of data, but does not store any of it. Humidity Levels High humidity levels encourage the growth of bacteria and mold. Detect irregularities in your humidity levels and eliminate the risk of micro-organism development. Sound Levels High levels of noise distract employees and reduce productivity. Identifying high noise areas in your building can help you decide where to implement noise reduction measures. Temperatures Areas that are too hot or too cold can lead to discomfort for employees. Knowing where the temperature is an issue can help you address this discomfort, leading to improved happiness in employees and improved productivity.

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