CAEN RFID is an Italian company that has become a leader in designing and manufacturing of passive UHF RFID or RAIN RFID products. CAEN RFID was founded in 2006 as a private-owned Italian company, but its activities already started in 2003 as the RFID division of CAEN SpA, who are a world leader in electronic instrumentation for high energy physics experiments. CAEN RFID has developed two product lines: easy2read© and easy2log©.


CAEN RAIN RFID product portfolio:


RAIN RFID Readers:

CAEN RFID's easy2read UHF RFID readers are designed with specific applications in mind. The high-quality CAEN RFID readers all have a different form factor and have different specifications.

  • Embedded readers: The CAEN RFID embedded readers can be used to easily integrate RAIN RFID functionality into existing or new products. Modules like the Hadron, Lepton3 & Lepton7 can be found  on our website.
  • Mobile readers: CAEN RFID mobile readers connect easily to smartphones, tablets and PCs via the Bluetooth technology, providing mobile RAIN RFID technology to everyone. You can find the skID and qIDmini on our website.
  • Integrated readers: Integrated readers are RAIN RFID readers with an integrated antenna so they are ready-to-use and do not require so much effort for the installation. CAEN RFID offer the Tile, Hex and trID.
  • Fixed readers: CAEN RFID offers the Proton and the Quattro. Two long range RAIN RFID readers from the easy2read product line.


RAIN RFID Antennas:

The CAEN RFID antennas are all circular polarized and come in a variety of different form factors. The Quadrifilar is a circulary polarized and very compact antennas (WANT020 and WANT 021), the WANTENNAX020 and WANTENNAX019 are designed for long range applications and the QuidIP is a medium to short antenna (WANT020IP and WANT021IP)


Temperature loggers:

The CAEN RFID easy2log product family consist of RFID enabled loggers. The loggers can be used to protect temperature-sensitive products that may be damaged when exposed to improper temperature during shipment and storage.

"We don't only rely on CISPER but really enjoy working with all the component of the team, they are expert on the technology and committed to the job. We know customers are in good hands if CISPER is supporting them, sometimes even better then we could"

Stefano Coluccini

General Manager - CAEN RFID