Caen R1270CEVB - Quark-Up Reader Evaluation Board

The R1270CEVB evaluation board allows to manage the R1270 Quark Up reader directly via USB interface. This board is particularly suited for Quark Up reader evaluation and SW development purposes.

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Nordic ID NUR-05WL2 Devkit v2 / UHF RFID 500mW, ETSI antennas

The Nordic ID NUR UHF RFID reader module innovation board is also available as Nordic ID NUR Devkit v2. The Devkit includes all components, including antennas and cables, that you need for evaluating and developing a complete system.

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Impinj Revolution Evaluation Kit

The Impinj Speedway evaluation kit is an easy way to test a reader for its capabilities. The kit contains a 4-port reader, 2 far-field antennas, a near-field antenna and some RFID labels.

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SensThys SensorKit-MT

The SensorKit-MT (Moisture/Temperature) is a simple to use one-stop-shop collection of everything required to evaluate passive sensor tags. This kit is specifically designed for use with the Smartrac Magnus S3 based inlays including the Sensor Dogbone and other Smartrac moisture and temperature sensing tags. The kit is a very inexpensive way to start the evaluation of these tags with a plug and pay kit that includes: 1 x SensArray-Pro 10”x10”x1” combined reader + antenna 1 x Power-over-Ethernet power supply 2 x Ethernet cables Assorted Smartrac passive sensor tags Temperature and Moisture reading MS Windows application (download)

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