Xerafy is a specialist supplier of the world's toughest RFID tags to enable Industrial IoT applications for aerospace, oil & gas, manufacturing and Healthcare. The Xerafy headquarter is located in Singapore, Xerafy operates in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.


Xerafy’s product portfolio:



The MICRO series from Xerafy consists of  rugged on metal high temperature RFID tags, providing consistent performance where reliability and durability are critical. Micro tags are engineered for paint shop and industrial processes and to withstand autoclave cleaning processes.



Xerafy PICO tags are small sized on-metal RFID tags for industrial Equipment and tool tracking.



XS tags from Xerafy are the world’s smallest on-metal RFID tags for item-level tracking of tools, instruments and pipes



The Roswell series of tags from Xerafy are heavy duty on-metal tags with extreme durability for ATEX and Hazardous Environments.



The Xerafy OUTDOOR series tags are long range RFID tags designed to offer the all-weather durability required for RFID container tracking and the management of cargo and RTI



The Xerafy TRAK series are RFID tags for cost-effective Identification and tracking of goods, assets and RTI’s in warehouses and factories.



Xerafy METAL SKIN labels are flexible and printable RFID labels for supply chain and asset tracking applications. The labels are printable and encodable for superior performance on and off metal.



The Xerafy XSKIN series offers off metal RFID inlays specifically engineered for specialized industrial systems.

"I’ve worked with Cisper for many years now. They’ve always worked in a professional and timely manner and are highly respected in the RFID world, always there to support and deliver on their promises. They’re the "go to" distributor for all things RFID"

Adam Sharp

Director, Business Development - Xerafy