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Confidex Ironside Micro NFC

Square, encapsulated Confidex Ironside Micro NFC is a tag solution for applications that face varying weather conditions and rough handling. Ironside Micro NFC is all-surface versatile attachment options tag. Tap it and NFC makes everything it touches easier.

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Confidex Steelwave Micro II NFC NTAG213

Confidex Steelwave Micro II NFC is a small-sized tag for various asset tagging purposes. NFC adds ubiquitos identification possibilities to common consumer devices and enables cost efficient, instant, innovative services and support models. Versatile attachment options make this small product a real All-Around indoor asset tag and enables new possibilities in various applications.

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HID On Metal PET Round/Square

HID Global on-metal Inlays & Labels are small, thin self-adhesive NFC or RAIN UHF tags for on-metal use. These white PET labels are only 1.2 mm thin and may be encoded and printed in standard label printers to apply logos, bar-codes, QR codes or text. Their flexible special shielding allows application on flat or curved metallic objects like liquid containers, laptops, pipes or machinery. The On Metal labels are NFC Tag Type 2 compliant and may be used with any NFC compatible phone or device.

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