Perfect ID

Perfect ID is a technology-driven engineering and design company specializing in RAIN RFID products. With three production facilities in India and sales offices across the Americas, Italy, Germany and Dubai, Perfect ID serves a global clientele.

As a leading force in RFID and IoT-powered digital transformations across diverse industries, they create products that empower clients to seize control of their productivity and efficiency objectives. Their solutions enable precise tracking and tracing of business operations, spanning from manufacturing processes, throughout the entire supply chain and extending to end customers. Backed by Syrma SGS, a prominent entity within the Tandon Group and a global manufacturing leader, Perfect ID utilizes over 50 years of collective expertise in RFID and IoT manufacturing to design and develop unparalleled products of exceptional quality and finesse. Their clientele spans various sectors, leveraging their products for applications including Automatic Toll Collection, asset management, item-level inventory control, garment and laundry tracking, and more.

Perfect ID Hard Tags
PerfectID's RFID Hard Tags are robust and durable solutions designed for a wide range of applications. These tags are built to withstand harsh environments and offer reliable performance in challenging conditions. Whether you need asset tracking, logistics management, or industrial applications, our RFID Hard Tags provide a secure and efficient solution.

Perfect ID On metal Labels
Elevate your asset tracking capabilities with PerfectID's On-Metal RFID Labels. Specifically designed to adhere to metal surfaces, these labels ensure seamless integration for inventory management, equipment tracking, and more. Enjoy the convenience of accurate data capture on metal assets without compromising performance.

Perfect ID General Purpose Labels
PerfectID's General Purpose RFID Labels are versatile and suitable for a variety of applications. From retail inventory management to supply chain optimization, these labels provide efficient and accurate data capture. Benefit from easy integration and improved visibility across your operations with our reliable general-purpose RFID Labels.

Perfect ID Special Tags & Labels
PerfectID's Special RFID Tags are tailored to meet unique industry requirements, ensuring specialized solutions for various applications. From vehicle identification to jewelry tracking, these tags offer precision and reliability, enhancing security and efficiency in specific use cases.