Ergosense Pebble: Occupancy sensor

The Pebble is a human presence measurement tool, that can help organisations measure occupancy. Measure without sight This unit measures occupancy without the need of vision - so no camera is included. Easy to manage The Pebble is battery operated and this battery is rechargeable. The battery life for this unit is from 1 to 1.5 years before recharging is required. Privacy first This unit has no way of identifying individuals, but merely detects a human presence to measure occupancy. It forms part of the mesh network and sends it’s data to the nearest Doc with which it is paired. Human Presence Optimal occupancy levels will depend on the nature of work being performed in an area. Knowing the occupancy percentage of your building allows you to save on rental space and helps you balance your over and under utilised areas.

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Ergosense Abacus: People counter

The Abacus is a people counter, used to measure the use of meeting rooms. The unit needs to be permanently powered by 5V power supply. This unit is a standalone unit that communicates by itself, without the need for a relay unit. Room usage High occupancy can indicate optimum space usage or crowding - which could mean your space needs expanding or reconfiguration. However, low occupancy could indicate underutilization of space, possibly indicating the need to make adjustments.

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