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Kathrein MIRA-100-circular Mid Range Antenna

The mid-range antenna (MiRa) was developed for applications in range between the near and far field. The focus of the compact design was for integration in space-critical applications. The typical read range varies from 0.2 to 2 m of course this is depending on tag properties, environment and requirements. Reading distances of up to 5 m are possible with tag dimensions of only 13 x 15 mm. In most cases the MiRa is used for reading distances up to 2 m, for which it features sufficient selectivity. Therefore, this antenna design is especially suitable for applications in the so-called transition area with different tag types.

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Kathrein S-MIRA-100-circular-ETSI-FCC Short Mid Range Antenna, -13 dBic, circular, TNC-socket, ETSI/FCC

Compared to the mid range antenna (521010082), the S-MiRa has a higher selectivity. The reading distance, in the range up to 1m, can be set very accurately by the output level of the reader. For this, the S-MiRa is ideal to use in the range between the low-range antennas (> 10 cm) and the mid-range antenna (< 100 cm).

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Kathrein WIRA-30 Wide Range Antenna

The Kathrein Wide Range 30° RFID Antenna comes in both Linear and Circular polarized versions, making them ideal for logistics, vehicle identification (AVI), vehicle detection, industrial automation, and electronic article surveillance applications.

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Kathrein WIRA-40 Wide Range Antenna

This Wide Range Antenna series (WIRA) is developed to be used in classic Far Field Applications. With its compact design and read range of up to 10m this antenna is an ideal solution for toll collect applications. This antenna is also suitable for bulk and single tag applications. The IP65 enclosure makes these antennas suitable for outdoor applications.

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Kathrein WRA 6060 Antenna Unit

The WRA 6060 antenna has been developed for applications in the area of point of sale, smart shelf applications and Kanban solutions. The antenna is characterised by an extremely homogeneous read zone which is emitted by the high front-to-back ratio. Therefore, it is suitable for static detection of multiple transponders. Due to its thin design, the antenna can be integrated into different applications.

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Kathrein WRA 7070 Antenna Unit

This Wide Range Antennas are developed to be used in classic Far Field Applications. These antennas are characterized by a very low axial ratio of circular polarization, so that the dependence of the reading results of position and orientation of the tags is significantly reduced. In addition to a variety of applications beyond therefore they are also the ideal solution for portal applications.

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