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    Kathrein ARU 2400 Reader Unit

    With its slim, smart design, durability and functionality, the ARU 2400 reader can be used in a variety of applications. The powerful RAIN RFID interface known from Kathrein and the robust design are also present in this 27-dBm-class reader. The ARU 2400 offers new mounting and connection options. The housing of the ARU 2400 can easily be installed in existing shelves using the mounting points for the so-called ITEM profiles. The plugs and sockets are just as easy to operate. For both the power supply and the terminal block of the digital inputs and outputs, a terminal strip with screw terminals – which allow direct cable installation – is installed.

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    Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family

    The Kathrein ARU 3000 antenna reader family is the next generation of RAIN RFID readers with an integrated 65° wide range antenna and is the first choice for professional IoT solutions like industrial automation and vehicle identification in ruggedised environments. Its best-in-class 33 dBm UHF RF unit, optional connectivity modules like PoE+, Wi-Fi, 3G mobile interface and the powerful scalable processing unit will change the way how identification works.

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    Kathrein ARU 8500 RFID Antenna Reader Unit

    The new ARU 8500 reader enables a reliable detection of goods and the direction of movement. The core function of the ARU 8500 is a circular switch-beam antenna. In contrast to standard RFID antennas, the antenna beam here can be swivelled in three areas to track the direction of movement in a gantry or when the goods pass through a gate. The otherwise easily detected pass-through area is divided into three zones in order to reliably determine the direction of movement when the goods pass through the gate (zone 1 to 3; zone 3 to 1). Particularly helpful here is the ability to distinguish the transported goods that pass through all three zones from the unmoved goods that are onlydetectable in one zone.

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